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Brown Butter Banana Cake -Simpson Father's Day Cake

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Q:   Which area does Foret Blanc deliver to?

A:   Currently our delivery in Malaysia is only limited to Klang Valley (Kuala Lumpur and Selangor).

Q:   What time will you deliver to me and can I specify an exact delivery time?

A:   Upon checkout you will have the option to select your preferred delivery time slot from 11 a.m - 7p.m for delivery in KL & Selangor.  The stated delivery time is subject to 1 hour earlier/delay depending on traffic condition, weather and  peak hours (ie: festive season). If you require a delivery outside our stated time, kindly contact us at 0126891470 via Whatsapp or using the facebook messenger. 

Kindly note that we are close every Monday. 

Q:   Do you do same day delivery and how many day of advance order required for a delivery?

A:   Yes same day delivery is available for selected item  and it has to be order before our daily cut-off time at 3 p.m. Kindly refer item description for notice day required for different item.  

Q:   How do I track my order or check if my order has been deliver?

A:   You can check with us via Whatsapp at 0126891470 or we will notify you via email. 

Q:   Is there any charges for delivery?

A: Yes, delivery charge is based on distance from our store located at PJS 1. Delivery fee will be calculated at check out. 

Q:  Why do you charge for delivery?

A: Our cake is mostly comes with delicate design. Our delivery service is strictly only using car and by professional with experience in cake delivery to ensure a safe cake delivery. When you pay for delivery, we guaranteed you a 100% safe cake delivery to your venue.

We only use motorbike delivery for small item (example : gift box, non-fragile item). 

Q:   Can I self-pick up instead of deliver to me?

A:   Yes, you may self- pick up from our HQ located at 49G, Jalan PJS 1/50, Petaling Utama Avenue, Petaling Jaya, Selangor from 9.30 a.m - 7.00 p.m (Tuesday - Sunday, Closed on Monday).

Q: What information do I need to provide for delivery?

A: We require clear information for delivery details:

1) Full address (House/ Unit Number, Building Name, Street name,Postcode).

2) For delivery to restaurant/ event venue, please provide information on table reservation name. 

3) For cake delivery as a gift to recipient, kindly provide recipient contact number, name and full address. Kindly note that our customer service will contact recipient for confirmation on delivery time before delivery. 

4) We reserve the rights to charge additional for delivery if  re-attempt is required for delivery if nobody is available to receive the cake during delivery. 

Q : How should I keep the cake once I received it?

A : We will advise to keep the cake in fridge once you received it. If your fridge do not have the space to keep the cake, please keep the cake in COLD air conditioned environment. 

Some cakes are strictly need to be kept in fridge once receive (example: mousse cake, cheesecake). For ice cream based cake, it is required to keep in freezer. 

All cakes need to be kept in fridge for overnight storage. This is to ensure freshness.  

PLEASE do not leave the cake in room temperature, under heat, direct sunlight or in the car with no air conditioned. 

If you require the cake to be displayed for event/party, please turn on the air condition to cool down the venue before the cake arrive. 

For outdoor celebration, we will advise to opt for dummy/fake cake or fondant based cake for longer lasting. Kindly consult us for the suitable cake option if you are planning for an outdoor celebration. 

Q : If I choose to self-pick up the cake, how should I handle it?

A : If you are planning to self-pick up the cake yourself or arrange your own runner, please ensure to only use car. 

Kindly ensure the car air condition is cold. 

Cake need to be placed on 180 degree flat surface (example : car sit bottom) or someone to hold it. Please do not place cake on car sit with slanted surface.

Our staff is available to assist you on placing the cake in your car when you receive it.

We are not responsible for damage cause by yourself/ or your own arranged runner for any mishandling of the cake after it leave our premise. 


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Brown Butter Banana Cake -Simpson Father's Day Cake

RM 185.00

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Brown Butter Banana Cake -Simpson Father's Day Cake
Brown Butter Banana Cake -Simpson Father's Day Cake
Brown Butter Banana Cake -Simpson Father's Day Cake

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Brown Butter Banana Cake -Simpson Father's Day Cake
RM 185.00
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  • Product Details


    Bringing you an entremet cake with flavor of  Brown Butter Banana mousse cake with Simpson’s Daddy design. This design was originally created for the fathers but we believe it can be enjoyed as a cake for birthday too.

    The highlight of this cake is our new interpretation of a modern day Banoffee Pie that will tickle your taste buds with the balance of sweet, sour, nutty,umami. and banana flavor.

    Each element is thoughtfully crafted to achieve the perfect balance of texture and flavor.

    The lightly salted Dulcey mousse is light and creamy but representing toffee with subtle hint of caramel and biscuity aroma with the use of premium Valrhona Dulcey blonde chocolate. It has a layer of brown butter Financier which gives an extra smoky & nutty flavour alongside a thin layer of rich nutty pecan praline which has a slight crunch. It is then topped with a luxurious silky Banana Cremeux that balances the richness of the financier and mousse. A light vanilla chantilly layer makes the perfect harmony to balance all of the mixture of flavors in the cake <3

    The cake is decorated with puzzle pieces of chocolate arts for the finishing of the cute face.

    An element of surprise for Dad at the end of the meal; to let Daddy have a bite of the nose! The nose is a delicious chocolate praline made using beautifully tempered Valrhona Passionfruit Chocolate shell filled with Lotus Biscoff crunchies. Sour, sweet, nutty and aromatic flavours is the perfect wow factor to end the meal with. 

    Do you know that brown butter, caramel, banana, cream and nuts are the best of friends in the flavor world? 

    This cake has bold yet balanced but we promise is light and less sweet ✌🏻

    Pamper someone with our take on a reinterpretation of a Bannoffee Pie cake, we promise is a yummy cake 🤤!

    Cake Details

    🍰 Serve up to 8 - 10 pax

    🎂 Cake size: 7 inch diameter 

    ⚖ +/- 900gm                                   

    🕑 Preparation day: 2 days notice

    Items provided with your order

    Message on cake board (by request)

    Printed message on card (by request)

    ✓ Candles   

    ✓ Knife          


  • Return & Cancellation Policy

    1) Order and payment made are not refundable.

    2) You must ensure that the delivery address provided to us in your order is within our coverage area.

    3) Should an address provided is not within our coverage area, we will only be able to give full refund to you in cash voucher with 12 months validity.

    4) Any cash refund to your bank will incurred a deduction of 5% bank processing fee from the purchase total amount.

    5) Order/s could be voided if information given is incorrect or purchaser/receiver is not contactable.

    6) The management has the right to cancel or refund any order placed given notice for whatever unforeseen reason that it’s deem to.

    7) Any cancellation and changes related to the order you are required to give us at least 48 hours of notice prior to the delivery time.

    8) For customized product order, no cancellation or changes can be made after payment made.

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